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January 19 2016


How Relays Can Save Your Electronics

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Relays are switches run by electrical signals. They may be straightforward mechanical switches or complex semiconductor arrays without moving parts, but they all operate by opening or closing a switch when a signal is received. These simple devices are critical components in a equipment protection plan.

Common Relays: Breakers and Surge Protectors

Every electrical system has circuit breakers built to shut down power when electrical faults are detected. These simple relays can be a critical safety feature as without them a minor fault could cause significant equipment damage or injury to workers. Most people are acquainted with these switches from the electrical panels in their own homes. Circuit breakers really should not be confused with fuses which are not switches but rather connections deliberately built to be weak so they fail predictably in the event of overvoltage.

Hirelay technology

Another familiar kind of relay is the surge protector. Like circuit breakers these relays are built to shut down power in the event of dangerous voltage spikes that can from lightning strikes or other power surges.

Other Types of Protective Relays

The flexibility of relays gives them other protective uses. Essentially any characteristic that may be measured electronically may be used to trigger a relay and initiate or stop equipment.

Some kinds of flow and level switches that are driven electronically are widely-used to protect pumps from damage. A pump that continues operating even without the liquid can overheat and break down far more quickly when compared to a human operator can shut it down. Relays that monitor fluid level and flow turn off the pump before liquid supply runs out.

Temperature relays shut down equipment before overheating or energize thermal tape to shield pipes from freezing temperatures. Optical relays detect the presence smoke and sound alarms to warn people in the possibility of fire.

Relays Improve Equipment Efficiency

Relays allow machinery to automatically turn on and off as a result of changing conditions, which may do more than just protect equipment from damage. A fairly easy example is a thermostat set to activate heating or cooling as temperatures move outside of comfortable ranges.

Plants with critical power needs use relays to reply to power failures. When external power fails, these switches automatically activate batteries or generators to offer supplementary power. This could happen so quickly there is no interruption of power in any way.

Many offices are installing automatic light switches in an effort to conserve energy. If this detects people in the bedroom, generally with motion sensors, the lights come on and when the people leave the lights automatically switch off. These can installed to control anything from an entire building's lights to individual fixtures in cubicles.

Relays are already a component of everyday industrial and business life, but organizations are finding creative new purposes of these switches to safeguard equipment and improve operational efficiency.

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